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New generation solution for extra big-size light boxes and channel letters with a depth of 120+ mm.
Due to professional optics only 11 modules per square meter is enough for the uniform illumination.
Starting from the depth of 130 mm a distance between centers of modules - 260 mm.
At least 60% LESS modules and consumed power per square meter.
Еquipped with new generation LED chip and increased brightness twice to 198 lm.
Improved design and installation functionality.

Various color solutions available  7500К 

Specially designed for:
Extra big-size light boxes, channel letters and roof constructions
Recommended installation depth 120+ mm

Power consumption is only 20 W per square meter.
Special polycarbonate lens with light transmittance > 88%
Efficiency up to 110 lm/W
Мaximum Tj temperature <80 °C
LM80 international certificate for LEDs
HB fire protection level
High protection level of IP66
Light decay < 30% after 60,000 hrs
5 years warranty

Technical specifications:
LED type - 2835
Input - 12 V DC
Power - 1,8 W
Light output - 198 lm
Beam angle - 170°
Available colors:  7500К 
Working temperature -30 ~ +50 °C
Protection level - IP66