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Universal solution for double-sided lightboxes.Special lens with elliptical 10°х65° beam angle provides possibility to illuminate two sides once installed on the edges of construction. Now you need only one type of solution to cover range of 600-2500 mm height of lightbox with uniform illumination on both sides.

Power consumption is up to 9 times less in comparison to fluorescent lamps and 50% more brightness.

Specially designed for:
Double-sided light boxes, city lights, scrollers
Billboars, transport stations
Architectural lighting applications

Only one solution replace alternative modules in range of
These LED modules do not require any special power
Better illumination uniformity with smaller application depth
Smaller quantity of modules due to special lens
Provide NO shadows or yellowish effects on the bottom
Efficiency up to 100 lm/W
HB fire protection level
Мaximum Tj temperature <80 °C
Protection level of IP65
Light decay < 30% after 45,000 hrs
5 years warranty

Technical specifications:
LED type - 3030
Input - 12 V DC
Power - 1,5 W
Light output - 150 lm
Beam angle - 10°x65°
Available colors:  7000 K
Working temperature -30 ~ +50 °C
Protection level - IP65