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Special lens with elliptical 10°х 65° beam angle provides possibility to illuminate two sides once installed on the edges of construction with up to 2,5 meters width. Designed for double sided light boxes, city lights, scrollers, bus shelters starting only at 100mm of depth. Also perfectly fits to billboards and architectural lighting applications.
Do NOT require any special power supplies.
Power consumption of such constructions is up to 9 times less in comparison to fluorescent lamps and provides 50% more brightness.
Simple installation - on two opposite edges of application.
Protection level - IP65

Better illumination uniformity with smaller application depth
Smaller quantity of modules due to special lens
Do NOT provide any shadows or yellowish effects on the bottom
Light decay < 30% after 60,000 h

Application example:
Double sided scroller 3x4 meters
Module DS-20 - 60 pcs. (30 pcs on each of two 4 meter edge)
Power consumption - 120 W

Technical specifications:
LED type - 3030
Input - 12 V DC
Power - 2 W
Light output - 200 lm
Light distribution angle - 10 х 65°
Available colors:  7000К
Working temperature -30 ~ +50 °C
Protection level - IP65
Light decay less than 30% after 60,000 h

Warranty - 5 years