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New generation of innovative solution for channel letters with a depth of 80-150mm.
Due to professional optics ratio between depth and module centers can reach 1:1,8
At least 30% LESS modules and consumed power per square meter.
Еquipped with new generation LED chip and increased brightness.
Improved design and installation functionality.
Various color solutions available  6500К 

Specially designed for:
Channel letters
Recommended installation depth 80-150 mm

Тhe smallest quantity of modules per square meter on
the market !
Special lens with light transmittance > 88%
Efficiency up to 115 lm/W
Мaximum Tj temperature <80 °C
LM80 international certificate for LEDs
V1 fire protection level
High protection level of IP66
Light decay < 30% after 60,000 hrs
5 years warranty

Technical specifications:
LED type - 2835
Input - 12 V DC
Power - 1,5 W
Light output - 172 lm
Beam angle - 165°
Available colors:  6500К 
Working temperature -30 ~ +50 °C
Protection level - IP66